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INTRODUCTION Good day, my title is Stated TEBBAL from Algeria. Though I’m an Electrical Engineering…


Good day, my title is Stated TEBBAL from Algeria. Though I’m an Electrical Engineering graduate, I began doing 3D 4 years in the past. I started, like everybody else, with Blender Guru’s donut.

Afterwards, I began increasing my data within the discipline of 3D. I really like creating completely different sorts of 3D renders. I really like doing summary/surreal artworks and product visualizations, in addition to satisfying animation loops.


The inspiration for this paintings got here from the “Make a Splash in Amsterdam” contest that was held on the Blender Artists web site. My entry was an summary scene within the desert. The entire course of is here.

The concept got here from my entry in that contest and began build up from there.


I used Blender 3.2 for this paintings, with the Cycles render RTX 3050.


I began by setting the bottom utilizing an enormous subdivided aircraft and used the proportional modifying to make the dunes. I used a sand texture from the Quixel Megascans library.

Then I used a particle system on the aircraft with some shrubs from Megascans.


I received the palm bushes from Turbo Squid. I positioned them on the edges to create some sort of steadiness within the general scene.


The oasis consists of 1 large lake, which was created utilizing a aircraft with a transmissible Principled BSDF shader. For the shrubs, they’re from Megascans as earlier than.

The boat mannequin was downloaded from Sketchfab:

I positioned it on the decrease proper facet to create some sort of steadiness with the lake on the left.


The background sky was only a large picture aircraft from the Unsplash website.

Max Hay’s tutorial breaks down this method:


The twister was the eye-catching aspect within the paintings.

I made it by watcing from Dangerous Normals tutorial “EASY Option to Make a Twister in Blender 3.0” :


I used Blender’s built-in easy sky texture (Nishita) for lighting.


I used a panoramic digital camera setting for this scene, as I discovered it essentially the most appropriate one for this paintings.


I’ve already made a breakdown for this paintings on my channel.

Thanks for studying this text and I hope that you’ve got discovered one thing new.

Have a pleasant day!

In regards to the Artist

Stated Tebbal, a 3D artist and freelancer from Algeria.