A Good Whistle Counter For Cooking And Extra

ashwiniThis text describes a wise digital counter that counts the variety of pressure-cooker whistles and in addition time length of the cooking. It triggers a buzzer alarm when the preset whistles depend or preset cooking time length is reached.

This design can be utilized in factories having boilers with stress launch valves to robotically flip them off on listening to the sound at boiling level. Or it may be utilized in steam engines to robotically lower off energy when sound is made by the vessel’s outlet valve.

Fig. 1: Block diagram of the project
Fig. 1: Block diagram of the mission

Block diagram of the mission is proven in Fig. 1. The elements used within the mission are listed underneath the Invoice of Materials desk.

Circuit and dealing

Circuit diagram of the good whistle counter is proven in Fig. 2. The circuit contains Arduino Mega 2560 board (MOD1) and LM393 primarily based sound sensor module (MOD2), which is used for detection of the whistle’s sound.

Fig. 2: Circuit diagram
Fig. 2: Circuit diagram

It operates at 5V and produces an analogue voltage proportional to the sound degree. This voltage is given to analogue enter pin (A0) of microcontroller MOD1.

The 4×4 keypad is used as an enter gadget to set the full variety of whistles required, or whole time length for cooking. The keypad has keys organized in 4 rows and 4 columns, that are linked to eight digital enter pins of the microcontroller.

The 23mm (0.91-inch) I2C serial pin 4 of the OLED show module is interfaced with Arduino. It shows the variety of detected whistles and time length. The decision of the show is 128×32 and its driving voltage is 5V. It’s linked to the SCL and SDA pins of the Arduino board.

Lively alarm buzzer (B1) used on this mission works on 5V. It’s linked to digital output pin 53 of Arduino board MOD1. It offers 1kHz sound sign. The buzzer is triggered when the preset whistle depend or the preset cooking length is reached.

Invoice of Materials
Element Half Quantity Amount
Microcontroller board Arduino Mega 2560 (MOD1) 1
Sound sensor LM393 (MOD2) 1
Show 23mm OLED 128×32 (MOD3) 1
Keypad 4×4 keypad (MOD 4) 1
Buzzer MH-FMD ( B1) 1
On off change S1 1
Battery 9V battery 1

Software program

The sound sensor MOD2’s output pin 1, linked to analogue enter A0 (pin 54) of microcontroller MOD1, is digitised with 10-bit decision. A shifting window low-pass filter is carried out in software program with the window measurement of 25,000 samples. The sum worth of window is in contrast with the ‘excessive threshold’ and a whistle is said detected if the sum worth is greater. The whistle sound stays excessive for a number of seconds.

Whistle low detection can also be essential. If the detected flag is true and window sum worth is lower than the ‘low threshold,’ whistle low is said. This part of the C code is proven in Fig. 3.

Fig. 3: A code snippet
Fig. 3: A code snippet

This technique of whistle detection may be very strong. It really works effectively even in presence of different family noises.

The opposite functionalities of software program embody operating the clock timer (minutes and seconds), getting inputs from the 4×4 keypad, displaying information on the OLED, and sounding the buzzer. The show exhibits the variety of detected whistles and time since begin of the cooking course of.

Working of the circuit is easy. Earlier than utilizing, set the variety of whistles you need and time required for cooking utilizing the keypad. Place the gadget someplace close to the range.

When the variety of whistles reaches the preset worth, the buzzer sounds to point that the duty of the stress cooker is over and it’s time to flip off the range. If the stress cooker doesn’t sound any whistle for an extended time frame, then additionally it sounds the buzzer, after the preset cooking time. This might occur when there may be some challenge with the stress cooker due to which it didn’t sound the buzzer.

You may add the code to Arduino utilizing the IDE by deciding on the fitting port of Arduino and board mannequin.

Building and testing

Add supply code (smart_kitchen_v4.C) of the mission on Arduino Mega 2560 board (MOD1). Then wire up the circuit as per the circuit diagram proven in Fig. 2.

Place the gadget close to the cooking range and, utilizing the keypad, set the variety of whistles you need. It’s possible you’ll now begin the cooking on range. When the gadget detects the set variety of whistles, it alerts you to show off the range.

The creator’s prototype’s exterior and inside views are proven in Fig. 4.

Fig. 4: Author’s prototype’s external and internal views
Fig. 4: Creator’s prototype’s exterior and inside views

Download source code

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